Daniel Franco CMT, CBW CAMTC #37773

Specializing in Treating Injuries

Hi, I’m Daniel Franco CMT, CBW and I can help you get relief from chronic conditions. I’m a certified massage therapist who specializes in advanced neuromuscular and myofascial massage techniques with excellent training to provide a relaxing Swedish massage. Serving Marin/Sonoma and the Greater Bay Area, I will help to facilitate your recovery from chronic aches and pains.

About Daniel Franco

Since 2005, I have been helping individuals who are suffering from chronic pain due to old and recent trauma, as well as muscle overuse or misuse. I have more than 12 years of experience in massage therapy, and I’m highly skilled and knowledgeable in several advanced modalities such as:

  • Several Myofascial Release Techniques

Training in Massage Therapy

Inspired and fascinated by the human body’s ability to heal, I began my training at Alive and Well: The Institute for Conscious Bodywork. There, I acquired knowledge on how to communicate with clients and teach them the importance of addressing the body on its own terms and pace. I learned how to communicate with clients and establish a good working relationship with them.

Through my training and our working together, we can bring consciousness back to your body. A Swedish massage session will help you remember the easily forgotten ability of relaxation which is the natural state of the body. An Advanced Series will provide you knowledge and confidence to take power over your chronic pains or provide increased mobility from reduced range of motion.

These and other conditions related to muscle overuse or misuse (due to repetitive stress or bad ergonomics) or trauma (from falls or vehicle injury) can begin to be addressed by scheduling an advanced session/series. I look forward to working with you to find balance and relaxation.


Daniel has made a huge difference in my quality of life as a late-fifties athlete. His work on my ‘frozen’ shoulder produced substantial relief after just one session, while 7 or 8 subsequent sessions (plus diligent work on the stretches he gave me to do) have returned full range of motion to the shoulder.

I now visit Daniel regularly for work on my hips, as I was told by the doctors 4 years ago that they would both need replacement within a couple of years. I am still going strong on the ‘original’ models, and they feel much better than 4 years ago.

It’s pretty obvious Daniel really knows what he is doing. If he does a session with you to check things out and tells you he thinks he can help, there is a really good chance you will benefit substantially from further work with Daniel. Go see him, and discover this for yourself!

- Karl, Sausalito, CA

I have been working with Daniel on and off for over a year. I developed a frozen shoulder about two years ago that had partially resolved but still had some restriction in movement and intermittent pain. Daniel has been very effective at reducing the pain and helping increase my range of motion. He is very mindful of not working too deeply and works very patiently and slowly with stubborn knots. He is also so much fun to talk with during the sessions. On top of his technical skills Daniel provides an Intuitive, Utterly Relaxing Swedish Massage 2nd to none. I recommend him very highly!

- Francesca D, Larkspur, CA

I met Daniel 12 years ago, just before he started his Massage Training. After many years of abuse through sports and dance, I needed help with pain management and ease of function and movement. Daniel offered to work with me during his training. I noticed that he was taking his training seriously so I decided to give him a chance. I noticed right away just how intuitive he was listening to my aches and pains. The results of his work were quite apparent. I immediately experienced ease and increased range of movement that lasted.

To this day, he is the only person I trust to work on me. He always ensures that I am at peak performance and out of pain. With all of this, he also provides a relaxing, nurturing environment.

- Michelle Sunke, Novato, CA

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